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Xbox Game Pass, ora più di 50 giochi supportano i controlli touch su cloud da mobile

Xbox Game Pass, now more than 50 games support mobile touch controls in the cloud

Microsoft has announced that it has added significant functionality to a number of games for Xbox Game Pass playable on Android via cloud gaming service XCloud project.

From now on, more than 50 titles come Sea of ​​Thieves e Gears 5 supportano i touch controls on mobile. The functionality had already made its appearance last year when it was added to Minecraft Dungeons, and only now has the house of Redmond chosen to introduce it in a wide range of titles.

“Last September, we were delighted to release our first touch controller game for Xbox: Minecraft Dungeons. Since then, touch controls remain one of the most requested features for cloud gaming, unlocking new ways to play on your Android mobile devices without the need for an external controller. “ Microsoft writes on his blog. “We are delighted to share that we have worked with developers to add touch controls to more than 50 great games that you can now play with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). In addition to Minecraft Dungeons, Xbox touch controls are available with Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears 5, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Slay the Spire, and many more games. “

What do you think of the novelty?

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