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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get 2 months of free anime

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get 2 months of free anime

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offer Many benefits for Xbox and Windows PC players Due to its subscription price, it is not limited to game libraries. Starting Friday, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to subscribe to Funimation Premium Plus, the highest level of its anime streaming service, for two months free of charge.

Funimation Premium Plus gives anime fans access to Funimation’s entire streaming library, including English dubbing and simultaneous broadcasts. Currently, this service offers the following series Naruto, Black clover,and My hero academia Premium Plus members can stream without ads. The Game Pass Ultimate offer includes a 60-day Premium Plus subscription, which is only available to new Funimation subscribers.

Free offer Game Pass Ultimate Perks, Gives players a bonus in addition to the games already acquired from the program. Benefits include a few months of free Discord Nitro promotions, as well as in-game bonuses such as free DLC and special armor and cosmetics.

Unfortunately, this benefit only seems to be available from the Xbox One console or the Xbox mobile app. PC subscribers typically earn Game Pass Ultimate benefits through the official Windows 10 Xbox app, but at the time of this writing, the Funimation offer isn’t available for PC apps. Promotions are available from September 25th to October 24th.