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Xbox Game Pass was intended as a game rental service

Xbox Game Pass was intended as a game rental service

According to a recent interview in GQ, The Xbox Game Pass service was originally intended for game rental., in a similar way to how Netflix already did in those years. That background was directly revealed by Sarah Bond, director of Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem.

While every month news continues to arrive about the games present, including a long-awaited title, Now it turns out that the popular Xbox Game Pass service was initially supposed to rent the games., rather than allowing you to keep them directly on your account. During the interview, the difficulties encountered are also highlighted, especially for possible gains.

Bond herself states that “Approximately 75% of the revenue from a game was obtained in the first two months of launch, while today it is distributed in two years.”, making it clear how the gains are not entirely immediate. Precisely for this reason, many publishers opposed this idea, assuming they would have lost financially.

In order to convince them, the Arches project, original name before Xbox Game Pass, decided to target older titles, in order to minimize the economic losses of a game that would be launched. Officially launched in June 2017, the service has quickly become one of Microsoft’s hotspots, with users constantly growing except for the latest period.

The initial idea of ​​using Xbox Game Pass as a game rental service fortunately it was shelved, giving space to many developers, big and small, to publish their games and make them reach the general public. Even now, the service has incredible numbers, which they really don’t seem to want to decrease, also given the xCloud integration.

In fact, it is now possible be able to access the game library from mobile devices, completely clearing the barrier between the launch of a game and the arrival directly to our console, through the Internet.