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Xbox gets a new Edge browser

Xbox gets a new Edge browser

Xbox now has a proper web browser that can access games from Stadia, Discord, and more …

Microsoft is updating its Xbox system, which includes a new version of its internal browser: Edge. After a trial period that lasted almost six months, the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles. With this long-awaited update, Xbox owners can now access new features such as the ability to stream on the Google Stadia platform, connect to Discord via from the web and more.

A new web browser for new possibilities

The Xbox version of Microsoft Edge it looks like a drop of water to the version available on Windows PC or macOS. The browser even includes features like vertical tabs and collections. Just like on PC, smartphone, and tablet, you can sync all your settings, favorites, tabs, and web history. The only features that are really missing are extensions and the ability to switch to developer mode.

Microsoft Edge easily recognizes a keyboard and mouse, so you can easily access Word or Excel online. You can also play the games Google Stadia with keyboard and mouse or with your Xbox controller. While there is no dedicated app for Discord yet, you can now connect to the web version. However, microphone support is not available.

To go further, you can even use it to access web games and PC games on Steam. For its part, Nvidia continues to block access to its GeForce Now service on Edge.

Remote play to stream your Xbox games on PC

Another new feature of the Xbox system update is the Remote playback. This feature allows you, if you have a PC, to stream your Xbox games to your computer through the Windows Xbox application.

Finally, good news for subscribers. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can now stream games on xCloud (Xbox games in the cloud), directly from the Xbox app on Windows.