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Xbox Series S

I knew it After 2018 But now, we are seeing unannounced hardware for the first time. The Xbox Series S will be announced soon, but when I first saw the hardware.

The big news here is that apart from the device itself, the hardware will likely cost $299 once it becomes available for retail. The console is white and based on the image it looks like there is no disk drive, but I don’t know it completely until I get a better side shot of the console. In addition, the device looks more like the Xbox One family of devices than the Series X tower.

At this price, Microsoft is actively entering the next-generation console war and may fall below the PS5 in price. Moreover, the Series X can be inferred to be either $499 or perhaps $599, based on the price of this console.

We don’t yet know the release date for this console or Series X, but the announcement will begin shortly based on images that are starting to appear throughout the web on this console.

For now, we have to wait for Microsoft to officially announce the console. More importantly, let us know when the hardware will be released.

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