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Xbox Series S: Show first gameplay video

Xbox Series S: Show first gameplay video

Microsoft has released the first gameplay footage of the Xbox Series S, showing previously announced Series X games on a low-power console and showing footage comparisons with the Xbox One. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Dirt 5, Watchdog Legion, Outrider, Yakuza: Dragon-like, Call of the Sea, Tetris Effect: Connect, Media, All in the Xbox Series in a video explaining the features of the Xbox Series S It was displayed on S.

Below you can see screenshots of the game running on Series S.Gears 5 (runs multiplayer at 120 FPS on Series S and Series X), The Outer Worlds (shown to load dramatically faster on Series S), Skates 3, Stars, etc. The latest games are also displayed. Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Minecraft Dungeons, Black. I saw an extended montage of Quick Resume and switched between four different current and past generation games almost instantly.

System architect Jason Ronald explained that the development of next-generation games has become “as easy as possible” and that games can be built seamlessly for Series S and X. Lowers the resolution of the Series S but retains all next-generation features of the new console.Ronald also explained how the Series S is similar to and different from the Series X, both containing the same CPU architecture running at 3.6GHz, but with separate GPUs. .. Series S GPUs are specifically designed for 1440p output with up to 120 frames per second (with 4K TV upscaling). However, all other next-generation features must be the same.

The Series S was officially announced yesterday at a price of $299/£249. The Xbox Series X is announced today for a price of $499 and pre-orders for both consoles will start on September 22nd prior to the November 10th release. Xbox All Access has also expanded to 12 countries, and an EA Play subscription has been added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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