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Xbox Series X: What is it like to play next-generation games?


Reset your expectations before playing the game on the new Xbox Series X. Graphics aren’t the value of next-generation consoles — at least not this year. The real benefit at launch is an invisible but significant improvement in quality of life. The upgrade isn’t that appealing, but if you notice it, you’ll love it.

Over the past week, I’ve finally had the opportunity to play the next generation of video games on the Xbox Series X. I was absorbed in an arcade racing game for hours. Dirt 5 Turn-based role-playing game Yakuza: Like a dragon.. Both of these games look great and are certainly better than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games. They have higher resolution and better frame rate.Small things like reflected puddle Dirt 5 Detailed face with Yakuza: Like a dragonThe character sometimes reminded me that I was playing with newer and more powerful hardware. But in a short period of time, I took for granted better graphics.

So don’t expect next-generation games to be a ark-of-the-coven-style leap. First and foremost, they look like more sophisticated versions of the game, designed for the current generation of hardware. Because that’s what they are.

Over the last three decades, new video game consoles have been celebrated primarily with improved graphics, but on this detour, we’re amazed at how good next-generation games are. feel..

Image: Codemasters Cheshire / Codemasters via polygons

For example, the load time is negligible.To Dirt 5 After choosing a race, I was waiting for a green light in the car after a while. This has fundamentally changed my relationship with the game. Without the friction of load time, I repeatedly found myself committing to another race. Next, “another race”. next”Another race.. I wasn’t thankful enough that the long load times were a clue to the end.

Similarly, the new yakuza are benefiting from rapid loading. Creators are packed with mini games and side quests. While playing the game, I became a vigilante superhero, a semi-professional aluminum can collector, and an up-and-coming cineast fighting a fictional ram to prevent falling asleep while watching a classic movie. All small adventures blend seamlessly into your campaign, reducing load times, creating a casual, livable flow for your series.

I can’t say how often I use the Xbox Series X Quick resume function In the future, it was a godsend to test the two games in a short period of time.Whenever I feel dissatisfied with losing the race Dirt 5, Open the Xbox overlay and click YakuzaAnd a few seconds later, I’ll be wandering around the city of a nice reproduction of a game in Yokohama, Japan.

Yakuza Hero: Celebrate collecting hundreds of aluminum cans, like a dragon.

Image: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio / Sega via Polygon

We’ve long expected the new video game consoles to offer the best graphics possible, but now the improved quality of life has made us the console’s true appeal to PCs. I noticed that. It works when you connect the system using the console. There is no round trip between stores. You don’t have to mess with the settings or make sure you’re using the latest GPU drivers. If you go back to your monitor, motherboard, or power supply, you won’t get any mysterious errors. The new console takes even more hurdles and maximizes the amount of time you want to spend playing video games. Actually play a video game..

Ironically, of course, PC gamers have had high-end RAM and ultra-fast NVMe storage for years. But they also had to know what those terms meant. To watch PC games (without spending a small amount of money), you need to learn how your PC works. This also means that you spend less time playing the game.

Console gamers can now get the luxury of PC games. Yes, that ultimately means ligible graphics and ray tracing lighting. And within a few years, there is no doubt that the game will truly be built from top to bottom to harness the power of these systems. But in the meantime, improving quality of life will be a good reason to consider a leap into the next generation. In the most basic language possible, it’s just more fun to play games on new, faster hardware.

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