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Xiaomi யின் அடுத்த போன் 200MP + 50MP கொண்ட டூயல் கேமரா கொண்டிருக்கும்.

Xiaomi’s next phone will have a dual camera with 200MP + 50MP. – Xiaomi’s next flagship will have 200MP + 50MP dual primary cameras

Samsung introduced the world’s first 200MP camera sensor last week. Work is already underway to provide this sensor to smartphone companies.

These smartphones will be called Xiaomi 12 Series. One Xiaomi 12 series model is said to have a 200MP main camera. It has also been reported that a 50MP ultra-wide lens will be offered.

In this case, the currently published information is that Xiaomi may launch the first smartphone with Samsung’s new 200MP camera sensor. An advanced model of Xiaomi’s M11 series smartphone will be released next year.

Since Samsung is the only company that has announced a 200MP sensor so far, there is no doubt that Xiaomi will use the same HP1 sensor.

And since the Xiaomi 12 Series is the company’s next-gen block, it’s good to believe that it will feature 200MP + 50MP cameras.

And then on mid-range and high-end phones?

Xiaomi will continue to use 108MB and 64MB sensors for its mid-range and high-end smartphones, according to the report.

It is no wonder that Xiaomi is planning to launch a smartphone with a 200MP camera.


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