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Yacine Adli : "Un match, c'est 90 minutes, jouer qu'une mi-temps ça ne suffit pas"

Yacine Adli: “A game is 90 minutes, playing only half is not enough”

To the microphone ofAmazon Prime Video, Yacine adli spoke to explain the reasons for this Girondin disappointment against Small during the 19th day of the championship.

The Bordeaux midfielder ensures that the team put the right foot in the second half, which is not forgiving at the high level:

“A game is 90 minutes, playing only half is not enough. If we think that the game will pass, that it will happen and that we will take the points, that is not enough. You have to show yourself more when you lead the score, be demanding. We do not play in the second half. We didn’t give ourselves a chance. We thought we’d win the game by letting it go. Football is not like that. You have to play from the first to the last. In the last minute. We set foot in the second half, we hit balls long. Every time we were in a hurry we couldn’t get out, because we also lacked courage. Against a team like that, if we managed to get out of the pressure once or twice, we could put them in danger and they would have washed away waves. We did it. It was very easy for us. They controlled us. They came back and ended up winning. I don’t think it was too deserved. We had a very good first half, we deserved maybe better, but that’s not enough. ”

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