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Yamaha Brings Mixer Sound Card Headphones / Play Experience


Yamaha’s ZG01 is a completely new mixer concept that makes audio signals flexible and intuitive to use in modern game streaming environments. At the same time, the matching YH-G01 earphones ensure crystal clear sound quality.

Flexible game sound worlds

With the ZG01, Yamaha introduces a mixer that can be used to easily and flexibly manage audio signals for a wide variety of gaming scenarios. Two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output are available for game consoles. The integrated microphone input with switchable phantom power is equipped even for high-quality condenser microphones. The very special challenge of modern gaming environments lies in the online cooperation of different players, and that is precisely why Yamaha developers have developed a special solution: After installing the associated driver, the ZG01 behaves like two devices. and thus allows flexible distribution of audio signals to different listeners, such as chat partners or a virtual audience.

Fascination for immersive sound

Contemporary games are unthinkable without three-dimensional soundtracks. The ZG01’s ZG sound processing is based directly on Yamaha’s proprietary ViRealTM technology and thus enables mesmerizing three-dimensional sound experiences through commercially available stereo headphones. Furthermore, the ZG01’s audio engine offers three different sound modes in order to be able to optimize the sound image exactly to the respective gaming situation. While “ZG Surround” realizes the full 3D sound spectrum of a game connected via HDMI or USB, “Focus/EQ Mode” can suppress the sound of the user’s own voice, making the game’s ambient noise noiseless. more noticeable. “3D Chat Space” allows all chat partners to spread out in a common virtual space and creates a personal, almost intimate gaming atmosphere. At the same time, this mode prevents interference between chat signals and the in-game soundtrack, ensuring superior speech intelligibility. As a special feature, the ZG01 offers the option to stream the individually configured 3D audio experience directly to viewers and chat partners.

YH-G01 earphone and attractive package all in one

Yamaha introduces the YH-G01 headphones to match the ZG01 mixer. Its closed design effectively blocks out ambient noise, while at the same time its low weight ensures that it is very comfortable to wear, even if the game lags a bit. The high-quality condenser microphone ensures excellent speech intelligibility for the audience and the players, so that the success of the game is not affected by communication problems. The ZG01 PACK includes the ZG01 mixer and YH-G01 headphones, providing the most demanding gamer and content provider with Yamaha’s complete world of immersive sound.

Prices and Availability

The ZG01 mixer and the YH-G01 headphones will be available in specialized stores from July 2022. The recommended retail prices excluding VAT are:

ZG01: €299.00, YH-G01: €169.00, PACK ZG01: €419.00

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