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Yes, Monster Hunter Rise is running on Capcom's RE engine

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise is running on Capcom’s RE engine

Earlier this week, Capcom announced during Nintendo’s latest Partner Direct Monster Hunter Rise For switches.

If you’re wondering why this entry looks like the next generation, it’s because it’s running on Capcom’s own RE engine. This information was revealed in a press release on the company’s official website.

The game is currently being developed with Capcom’s proprietary RE engine to provide something new and friendly. Monster hunter An experience that anyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

This is a next generation engine engine game such as: Resident Evil Village, Remake, and Devil May Cry 5..

Capcom confirmation continues from insider tweets Dusk golem In August, a new Monster Hunter game Switch compatible version of RE engine.. At the time, they said it didn’t always lead to a switch port. Other RE engine game:

“The Switch Talk RE engine breaks one dream. RE7, RE2, RE3 don’t come to the switch. I tried porting RE7 to the switch for a while, but I didn’t get satisfactory results. You need to create the switch with the RE engine game switch in mind. “

Do you want Capcom to use that magic and bring some RE engine games to Switch? Share your thoughts below.