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Yokoo Taro reads “Neil: Artificial Life ver.1.22” and advises him not to think too much about “1.22474487139” | 4Gamers


Generally speaking, after a game is released, it is generally recommended by the producer in conjunction with the publisher’s marketing promotion, but this is not the case with “Neil: Artificial Life v.1.22474487139 …” due to the fact that the director of the story is Taro. Yokoo, is a fun and no-nonsense game developer, but quite pessimistic. According toYokoo Taro’s message to the playerIt seems that even he himself is not optimistic about the sales of this improved version.

Yes, “Neil: Artificial Life v.1.22” is not a remake of Remake, but a supposed “version update”. In terms of image quality and item processing, it hasn’t quite reached the level of Remastered, but it’s still quite a lot. Many new items have been added, including tweaks to the combat system, new side stories, and rearranged music.

According to Square Enix’s advertising records in 2018, it announced that the entire “Neil” series had sold more than 3.7 million sets. At that time, “Automatic Humanoid” sales barely exceeded 3 million. In other words, the “Artificial Life” produced in 2010 was released on PS3 and total Xbox 360 sales should be around 700,000 games. This may be because Yokoo Taro feels a lack of confidence.


The interesting thing is that no matter how pessimistic it is, what you say about Yokoo Taro always seems to have some kind of hype and funny effect.

Hi everyone, I’m Taro Yokoo, the creative director of “Neil: Artificial Life v.1.22”.

This game is an “improved version” of “Neil’s” work 10 years ago. That’s right, it’s not a remake or a remaster, it’s an “improved version”.

You know, actually, I only planned to do a remaster at first. Improve image quality, resolution, etc. But once I thought about it, I started thinking about readjusting the modules, or changing the background modeling, etc., and then we quickly figured this out. Be changed.

I mean, didn’t Square Enix recently release a new version of “FINAL FANTASY 7”? When I saw that thing, I thought to myself, if my game is compared to this amazing masterpiece, it would be too embarrassing, so I finally decided to call it “Artificial Life v.1.22”, which is an improved version.

By the way, the series of numbers behind the game’s title is what I casually thought of, so don’t overthink it.

Also, in recent years, whenever I went to Square Enix, those people would always look at us with enthusiasm, as if they were saying, “Look,” Neil: Autohumanoid “sells so well, so” Neil: Artificial “Life” It also sells well now. “If I had a chance to tell Square Enix, I hope they will recognize the reality. These two games just have similar names and completely different content, so they won’t sell much now, right?

I mean, please, this is what I did! “Autofigure” has been around for a long time, but the sales of my other works are simply not noteworthy. If you really want to, just go produce CDs and put them all in inventory. The only thing we can have fun with is playing them like frisbees. Although this sounds a lot more fun …

Now, in this Morment, there is a group from the Square Enix marketing team behind me. They’re looking at me and saying, “Yokoo, you bastard, hurry up and promote the game well!” However, everyone is at this point. Is it useful to do these things? Better to drop everything and take a day off. I mean it, unless you break the level a few times, otherwise you won’t understand what the game is talking about. However, it is very difficult for players to play and leave feedback in a short time …

So compared to these, let’s go home earlier and be filial with our parents. Well yeah, I think this is some positive help to the world.

Yoko-Taro-Quote-Card-16x9 (1) -522ygvwtj

The following is the message from Yosuke Saito. He, Platinum Studios and Yokoo Taro have jointly created “Neil: Auto Figure” which has sold more than 5 million games worldwide. This time it also has to be “Artificial Life v.1.22”. .

We call it an “improved version”, but don’t listen to Mr. Yokoo’s nonsense. I personally think the guy’s comments are unfair to the team’s quality efforts.

I have to say that the great success of “Neil: Autohumanoid” is a miraculous thing, so I don’t think it will sell too well this time … But if we don’t sell a certain amount then Mr. Yokoo and I’m about to see myself forced to travel the world, driving a truck full of games to sell everywhere. Ah, Mr. Okabe (Neal series music producer) must be together too!

Well now that everyone gets it, please support the Neal series. Please, except the truck …


Obviously, the self-deprecating style of Taro Yokoo, the producer of “Neil: Autohumanoid”, seems to have turned into a form of propaganda, but one thing he’s right about is that “Artificial Life” is the same as “Autohumanoid”, which requires authorization. Only then can I perceive the complete history of the work.

“Neal: Artificial Life v.1.22474487139 …” was released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC Steam on April 23rd. The game adds many elements related to “Neil: Autohumanoid,” including Yohoha’s costume style, autohumanoid BGM, and special voice acting performances. At the same time, the game will also add the costumes from the original “Chanker” and “Kaiwuzhe” DLC, and “15 Nightmares”, a difficult dungeon level.

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