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Yoshi-P is rejecting NFT in FFXIV

Yoshi-P is rejecting NFT in FFXIV

from Stefan Brunck
No NFTs are planned for Final Fantasy 14, producer and director Naoki Yoshida announced during his 68th Letter from the Producer LIVE, where he discussed the future of MMO house Square Enix.

In his 68th LIVE producer letter, Naoki Yoshida addressed fan concerns that there could be NFTs in Final Fantasy 14 in the future. he confirmed itthat there are currently no plans to implement this type of business model in MMOs. While he certainly sees some potential in making computer games more interesting, NFTs also need a certain type of game concept in order to work. This is simply not the case in Final Fantasy 14.

“Based on the design of Final Fantasy 14, we have no plans at this time to add any kind of NFT element to the game, in case anyone is worried about that. I can state unequivocally at this time that we have no plans to do so.” So in the game. We won’t be using NFTs in Final Fantasy 14.”

NFTs in FFXIV? No, leave it

The discussion was sparked by the Happy New Year from Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda, in which he discussed the possibilities of NFTs for games. In it, she emphasized the potential to attract groups of gamers who want to contribute more to their favorite game and get more in return than is often the case with purely user-generated content. Since Final Fantasy 14 also comes from Square Enix, there was concern in the community that this technology could sneak in here as well.

Those concerns have now been addressed by Naoki Yoshida with his cancellation of NFTs in Final Fantasy 14. However, Yoshida also emphasized once again that he finds the technology interesting and hopes to have the opportunity to go into more detail on the subject in a proper interview. .