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"You can break the camera": Qatari security forces attack TV crew

“You can break the camera”: Qatari security forces attack TV crew

“Can you break the camera?”
Qatari security forces attack TV equipment

During a filming in Qatar, a Danish television crew is harassed by local security forces. Despite valid accreditation and filming permit. Among other things, the men threatened to destroy the journalists’ cameras.

A Danish television crew has been harassed by local security forces while working in Qatar. Among other things, the men threatened to destroy the TV2 crew’s camera. Meanwhile, the World Cup organizers have apologized to the broadcaster and the home team.

During a live report by journalist Rasmus Tantholdt, security guards appeared and tried to obstruct the shoot, despite the crew having valid credentials and a permit. In the video, the journalist can be heard saying, “They invited everyone to come here, why can’t we film here? It’s a public place.” Tantholdt further said: “You can break the camera, do you want to break it? Are you threatening us to break the camera?”

The organizers of the World Cup confirmed the incident. A statement said: “The tournament organizers are aware of an incident in which a Danish broadcast team accidentally cut out during a live broadcast at one of Qatar’s tourist destinations. After inspecting the team’s valid accreditation and the crew filming permission, security issued an apology.”

“The more dirty clothes you have in the basement…”

As Rasmus Tantholdt explains on TV2, the Qatari authorities had better get used to receiving visits from the press from all over the world. But “they are afraid that some things will come to light. My experience after traveling through 110 countries in the world is: the more dirty clothes you have in the basement that you don’t want to show, the more difficult it is for us”. journalists to report. We experience it here,” says Tantholdt.

As the host of the World Cup, Qatar has been criticized for the human rights situation in the Gulf emirate. The World Cup begins on November 20. It is the first time that the soccer World Cup will be held in an Arab country, and the first time not in summer but at the end of the year.