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you can finally add games to your cart

The Epic Games store finally has its own shopping cart. So you can add multiple games to your cart before ordering. Before this feature appeared, players had to buy games one by one, which is not always convenient.

As a big year-end sales focus, Epic Games has finally added a basket to its online store. This feature was expected since the Epic Games Store launch in December 2018. You can now tap into the basket to select multiple games and order once.

The Epic Games store is finally entitled to its own basket – Credit: Epic Games

The basket ofEpic Games Store it also works to catch multiple free games at once. At this time, Godfall Challenger Edition and Prison Architect are free until December 17. So you can retrieve them now to keep them for life in your library.

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You can add the games to your cart and also to your wish list at Epic Game Store

Epic Games clarified that ” if you have ever shopped online the cart works as you might imagine “In fact, you just have to browse the store and click on the game you want to add to your cart. Once you are on a game page, you have three options.

As before, you can click ” To buy To get this game right away. Now you can also click ” Add to Cart If you want to continue shopping and think before placing the order. An option also allows you to add the game in question to your wish list.

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The cart and wish list can be accessed from the top right of the Epic Games Store interface, as you can see below. The number next to the basket tells you the number of games you have already added. « Now you can stock up on free games, steal sales, or buy that new game you saw, all at the same time! ”Explains Epic Games. Additionally, the wish list allows you to monitor sales by notifying you whena game on your list is on sale.

The shopping cart interface on mobile devices and PC
The shopping cart interface on mobile devices and PC – Credit: Epic Games

Finally, the Epic Games Store basket has arrived at the right time for the end of the year holidays. Besides the big sales, Epic Games will offer 15 free games starting next week. Last year, players were entitled to one free game per day for two weeks.

Source : The edge