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Non devi sperare di riformulare o riformulare i classici • JPGAMES.DE

You don’t have to wait to rephrase or recast the classics • JPGAMES.DE

In january The Last Story celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was a game that was especially passionate to many Final Fantasy fans. After all, it was Final Fantasy inventor Hironobu Sakaguchi who developed the JRPG with his Mistwalker studio in a pioneering position.

Additionally, he played the publisher of the Wii title in the middle of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. This, in turn, was not very well received by many fans. The last story promised a successful change.

A cult has evolved around the latest story.

Has existed until now The last story Nothing was formed from a cult. This is also due to the fact that even today you can only play on Wii (well, well, and on Wii U). Hardly any JRPG can fit remakes or remakes. Sacaguchi doesn’t see it that way.

Fantasy launch, Role-playing game with a very charming look., Is about to begin. It could be Sakaguchi’s last game. But maybe it’s not your last project? VGC colleagues He specifically asked what things would be like as a rework or replay of the last story. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey have also been suggested, and they are the same.

“Frankly, there are currently no plans to do it again. Even if they call it a “remake”, the effort and resources it requires do not in principle mean any difference between developing a completely new game.

“Personally, I would be more excited about the idea of ​​developing a new story or a new world or building something new,” he explains. The last history of the current consoles? Unfortunately not. Sacaguchi also rejoiced recently when he was Share some raw artwork on Twitter.

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Another “great” console game for Sakaguchi

Sacaguchi hasn’t been with Squaresoft for long and has already done a lot with Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and other games. The last story Then it became something like Sacaguchis Another great story. It was his last console game.

Subsequently, Mistwalker developed “only” games for mobile devices, Wave Zuerst Party. Sacaguchi, a surf skill game, is an avid surfer. This was followed by, among other things, Terra Battle, which was supposed to appear for consoles, but never appeared. And it soon became a fantasy.

Will there be something else after that? If so, it is probably not a replay or reworking of the last story. the You can get the original for around € 30 on eBay*. The limited edition released at that time is obviously much more expensive.

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