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You have an outdated email. Email address? How to remove it and not lose important data


We use email to connect to many online accounts and platforms. Unfortunately, programmers may have sufficient access to your email. email address to access many of your other accounts using the recovery links. So if you have an unused email. email address – remove it better. The press release tells you how to do this without losing important data.

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“The. Email addresses are often a weak link in cybersecurity. Even if you trust email. email service provider, your email may be more vulnerable than it appears at first glance. Hundreds of millions of users were leaked to Yahoo when hackers hacked a few years ago. Hence, the existing email. We recommend protecting your email with two-step authentication. 2FA), and if you have one unused, it’s better to delete it, ”says Martynas Vrubliauskas of Bitė Profas.

1. Save documents and contacts

First, before deleting emails. The email should be asked if it contains valuable information: financial or payment details, photographs of documents or other important information. The. Email providers generally allow this data to be downloaded to a computer. For example, you can export all your information to Google, including mail, gadget meetings, and more. You can also export data from Microsoft Outlook.

Also, don’t forget to save your email as well. email contacts that you can automatically add to your new email. post Office. Most emails Email providers allow you to download contacts in CSV format, which is designed to store text data. You can learn how to save them to Gmail and Microsoft Outlook in the Export Contacts settings.

2. Check which accounts you are connecting to

Also, before deleting emails. Email should be verified on which platforms: social media, games, or email. connect stores using your old email. mail. If you delete it, you won’t be able to access some accounts.

If you use Gmail, you can find the linked accounts by selecting “Password Manager” in your Google account settings. Microsoft Outlook users should open their account in a browser, then choose the Settings cogwheel> View all Outlook settings> Synchronize email and Manage your connected accounts.

“For some accounts, such as Facebook, you just need to enter a new email. Email address and password, you will receive an automatic verification link in an instant. However, some platforms may ask you to provide additional copies of documents that you already have on their database. The more secure the website, the more bureaucratic procedures usually have to be carried out “, explains the expert in smart devices.

3. Safely delete old email. Email address

The last step is to delete the email. Email address. If you use Gmail, you can delete your account in the Gmail service delete settings. Delete your Outlook or Hotmail account on the Microsoft and Yahoo page in your account.

It is true that Microsoft’s page claims that it is not possible to delete just email. email account. You will also need to unsubscribe from xBox, Skype, and other Microsoft-owned business accounts to remove it.

To create a new email address, choose the alternatives that best suit your needs. For example, email The Tutanota email provider offers additional security by encrypting all your email. messages sent by email, so only the end sender can see the email. letter information. You can also encrypt messages in Gmail using the FlowCrypt browser extension. And those who want innovation can give these types of emails a try. Email solutions like ProtonMail or Hey are solutions for those who want email. more order and clarity at the post office.

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