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You want to spy on someone with WhatsApp: here is the trick “allowed by law”


Spying on people is obviously a crime. In most cases it is stalking, and it is something illegal, you absolutely should not do it if you do not want to have serious consequences and, above all, you do not want to harm others.

WhatsApp, 1/19/2022 –

“The freedom and secrecy of correspondence and any other form of communication are inviolable – it clearly establishes the Constitution in article 15 – Its limitation can only take place by reasoned act of the judicial authority with the guarantees established by law. As established by a ruling of the Supreme Court dated 2016, as reported by the Italian Newspaper, the only way to “spy” on someone else’s phone, precisely from a partner or spouse, and in the event that he or she has not used a lock code, consequently, the telephone is “available to everyone”. However, there is another method to be able to spy on people through WhatsAppand it is an absolutely legal trick, which will not bring you criminal consequences.

WhatsApp, 1/19/2022 -
WhatsApp, 1/19/2022 –


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After all, as we have written many times on these pages, Mark Zuckerberg’s application, the most widespread instant messaging application in the world, used every day by nearly two billion people, is full of tricks, shortcuts and spells, that are often and voluntarily ignored by their users. Having made this long and necessary premise, we are going to find out how to spy on the WhatsApp of others and in this case we will need a “third” application, read Whats Tracker. It is a software that can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone, and that allows follow the movements of contacts that we do not select, thus seeing all the times that they connect in the app and disconnect.

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In a nutshell, we can understand when i am online or not, how many times they use WhatsApp, at what times, etc. Often and willingly, those who use the Zuckerberg app hide the entry time and the double green check, just so that others do not know their bad things, but with Whats Tracker this secret is lost. It’s definitely something ethically wrong, because it harms the freedom of others, consequently we advise you not to use this application but simply put your soul at peace, and respect others. Also, perhaps discovering that a person has logged into WhatsApp and then ignores your messages, must not be pleasant at all and could only increase your hatred towards him. As they say in these cases, the eye does not see, the heart does not hurt…

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