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Your chicken warmer console is a reality! Ray Tracing, 4K, VR and more

No, it wasn’t a joke … KFC it really did. The king of fried chicken has launched the chicken warmer console that he showed us a few months ago. The idea, then, made us smile a little. Partly because it seemed “strange” that a fast food giant decided to jump into the world of gaming, and a bit because the idea of a console capable of heating even fried chicken was a strange thing.

Still, that console actually exists and is called the KFConsole. It is a very powerful machine, capable of performing Cyberpunk 2077 or any other high-end PC game while at the same time keeping fried chicken warm while you play.

KFC: your chicken warmer console is a reality! Ray Tracing, 4K, VR and more

KFConsole was created in collaboration with Cooler Master, a major manufacturer of gaming PCs. Its shape was designed to be functional to the chicken warmer function: the internal tube cooling system absorbs heat from internal components like the processor and GPU, directing it towards the top of the cylinder. The console has a special chamber that opens like a drawer and features a pan for reheating fried chicken pieces and collecting drips of fat. This thermal system, according to Cooler Master and KFC, ensures that the hardware stays properly cool and the chicken warm.

The creators promise that with KFConsole you can play any PC game without problems. Although some specs have yet to be revealed, the console features a High-end Intel CPU, a ASUS mini-GPU and two Seagate NVMe 1TB SSD. Also, the console is Ray Tracing compatible and would have been designed for gaming. “240 fps in all games, with support for 4k displays“.

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The KFConsole does not yet have a final release date, nor does it have a price, but it does it is already an official website that you can consult for more information.