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YouTube Music: Playlists Revisited – New Design Reflected in Android App (Screenshots)


The developers of youtube music have been very busy in recent months and have repeatedly made small changes to the music streaming platform’s Android app, and now the designers can get to work. A new design for playlists is showing up among some users these days, which completely rebuilds the header area and says goodbye to the big buttons that were once dominant.

youtube music logo

After a long period of getting used to it, many users have probably gotten excited about YouTube Music and the designers can now start redesigning the interface a bit. A new interface for playlists has appeared for some users these days, which completely rebuilds the header area and adapts it a bit to the Now Playing area. It continues to dominate the cover image, but the control elements move entirely below it, instead of sitting next to it in two parts, as was previously the case.

youtube music app for android new design

In the screenshots above, you can see the current version on the left and the new version on the right. The description, although it has more space, has to settle for a slightly smaller font size. The three function buttons move under the cover and combine with the large play and shuffle buttons that were placed here earlier. Unfortunately, at least in these screenshots, the shuffle button has been removed and replaced with the share button.

The new design is currently only being used by a few users and is probably still in the testing phase. It’s quite possible that it’s a first step towards a major interface redesign.

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