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YouTube TV is now YTTV for Android and the Google TV icon has been tweaked

YouTube TV is now YTTV for Android and the Google TV icon has been tweaked

Today, with a minor update to YouTube TV for Android, Google has changed the app name to “YTTV”. In addition, the Android / Google TV app icons have been slightly tweaked.

In version 4.40 for Android (mobile phones and tablets), the app name has changed from “YouTube TV” to “YTTV”. This change will be reflected on the home screen and app launcher, but not on the app information page or the Play Store list.

The abbreviation matches “YT Music” and “YT TV” moves to the right side of the audio streaming application. For most people, YouTube TV has become the last item in the alphabetically ordered app drawer, but depending on the launcher of your device, you may have some problems searching.

Depending on the font size you set, “YouTube TV” may be truncated to “YouTube …”. Today’s changes mean that this doesn’t apply to most, if not all, users.This new version is still being deployed Via Play Store..

On the other hand, on the front of Android TV / Google TV, the YouTube TV app card has been changed in another update. Previously, a red YouTube play button was followed by “TV” on a white background. This is also how in-app branding is displayed.

This will be the icon behind the black card and “YouTube TV”, both extending from end to end.By changing the background, YouTube and YouTube Music Shortcut.. One advantage is that it stands out in the app’s carousel.However, Google TV user Chromecast is new[ライブ]You can always access it on the tab.

When selected, red tint / shine is also displayed. This change should be widely deployed today.

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