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YouTube "We are working on fixing a problem with the PewDiePie so-called shadow van channel."

YouTube “We are working on fixing a problem with the PewDiePie so-called shadow van channel.”

Rumors of the apparent “shadow bang” of YouTube’s largest personal creator have swirled today following reports of strange issues around it. Felix Kjellberg’s PewDiePie channel..

When a viewer tried to search for PewDiePie on YouTube, his channel was not displayed. The top-resulting videos also tended to be more than a year old.Finally, Kjellberg himself on his channel[コミュニティ]He posted on the tab and stated that his latest video clearly didn’t reach the people’s subbox. Kjellberg did not return a request for comment.

Some of these issues, such as inconsistent notifications, can annoy YouTube users, but if you raise them all at once, News channel And Social media commentator Kjellberg said the service had somehow been “shadow banned”. These Shadowvan claims have attracted thousands of shares and interactions. The point that some people gave was that YouTube was trying to fill the biggest one (And sometimes controversial)Author.

As of Thursday afternoon, some of these issues seem to have been resolved. A search by Polygon used to return almost old PewDiePie videos, but now his latest upload is shown at the top of the results.

On Twitter Official YouTube account told fans Don’t shadow bang your channel, and your search results may have been affected by a system that flags recent uploads in some way. If the content is flagged, the team must review it before it appears in the search, but it is currently “time-consuming to review” due to a coronavirus issue.

A YouTube representative acknowledged the issue to Polygon and said: “I’ve heard reports of PewDiePie channels and some videos not appearing in the search. We’re currently working on fixing the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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The search part of the channel issue seems to have been resolved, but YouTube has not yet confirmed that all issues have been resolved.Earlier, Kjellberg insisted on it His video was banned from China..