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YouTuber installs a gaming PC in a bathroom

YouTuber installs a gaming PC in a bathroom

Well, what hobby projects do you have? How about turning a working PC into a working toilet?

There’s nothing these days that doesn’t exist, including a bathroom gaming PC, in case you’re taking longer to go to the bathroom or don’t want to take a break from raiding.

A very individual custom PC

It’s all the brainchild of Basically Homeless, who remodeled his toilet tank to house a base plate and all the other components and provide good airflow.

Plus, there’s their self-made “water wall” to separate PC tech and toilet water.

Anyway, after a lot of glue and a leak, everything went according to plan and Basically Homeless was able to play a game of Counter-Strike from his toilet.

As a result, he now also “knows more about plumbing than I ever thought.” It’s still a positive side effect.

He captured the entire creation process in the video below. Maybe that will give you ideas too.