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Zapping and trapped in a video game


(Penguin Random House)

“Jack is zapping”

Along: MacBarnett and Greg Pizzoli (Viking, Tuesday) 4-8 years, 80 pages, $ 9.99 hardcover or e-book, $ 7.99 audiobook.

story: With the addition of “Zapped” to the Jack series, early readers would find these unpredictable and self-centered rabbits living with Rex the Dog and The Lady. I have 8 easy-to-read chapters / picture books.

On this rainy day, Rex and Lady curled up by the fire to read a good book. Very well, they invite Jack to join them. Jack doesn’t bother to answer. He is playing a video game.

Lightning strikes the house — Zap! — Jack disappears. Where did he go? For games.

In any sense, you might pause the conversion to pixels and wonder about the result, but Jack isn’t. As always, he does what he wants to do: play. He has a great time and runs through the levels. He jumps fire, quicksand, hot lava, and victorious dance. But he meets his match when he reaches the boss of the game. This monster grabs him.

Jack is forever trapped unless someone else wins the game. The only candidates are Rex and Lady, who do not play.

The lady frowns, but sits to save Jack. Soon she loses two out of three lives. Spoiler Note: She arrives at Boss Base, where she sees Poor Jack in jail. The boss sets fire from his mouth. He blows a ray of light from his eyes. He hits the ground with one fist.

When Lady dies again, Jack is over. Ohno.

Young readers will enjoy the results of this fun story.

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