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Zen 4 with RDNA 2: AMD Ryzen 7000 is said to have up to 256 shaders at 1.1 GHz


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As is well known, the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”) series desktop CPUs with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 for socket AM5 will be released as APUs with RDNA-2 graphics units and should have up to 256 clocked shaders. frequency up to 1.1 GHz provide. 2 workgroup processors and 4 compute units would reach 0.5 TFLOPS.

256 shaders and up to 1.1 GHz for desktop

New rumors say that the Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”) based on the new Zen 4 architecture should have an RDNA 2 GPU with up to a total of two workgroup processors and four compute units, which translates to a maximum of 256 shader units for it would result in desktop APUs.

The driver for AMD SMU (“System Management Unit”) in version 13.0.5 also suggests a maximum clock rate of 1100 MHz, according to the official AMD website mailing list. can be seen.

Based on this, AMD Ryzen 7000 would have the following key data on the desktop:

  • 2 workgroup processors (WGP)
  • 4 compute units (CUs)
  • Up to 1.1GHz clock
  • ~ 0.5 TFLOPS

The resulting possible computing power of around 0.5 TFLOPS with single precision (FP32) would correspond to about a third of the performance of the Steam Deck laptop, which comes with 8 RDNA-2 based compute units and up to 1.6 GHz with around 1.6 TFLOPS of compute power.

Latest SMU driver from AMD at
Latest SMU driver from AMD at

Rumors should be treated with caution

Whether Raphael-S for desktop and Raphael-H for mobile will have different GPU configurations is still unclear, as is the question of whether Raphael-S will be paired with Raphael-H at the bottom.

Since AMD has not yet commented on the graphics unit of the Zen 4 desktop processors, the current rumors should be treated with caution, but not unlikely. Until now, a configuration with 3 CUs in the I/O die of the new Ryzen was already suspected.

AMD Ryzen 7000 could appear as early as the summer and should then compete against the Raptor Lake hybrid, the update to the current Core i 12000 series (test).

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