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Zotac’s RTX 3000 Ampere lineup looks to have leaked


Rumor mill: Nvidia’s upcoming Ampere-based GeForce graphics cards have been one of the company’s most leaked launches in recent memory. And, it seems just before Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce event, the ship continues to leak.

The most recent leak is brought to us courtesy of Zotac, who appears to have briefly listed several of its GeForce graphics cards based on Ampere. The leak, along with some renders, were spotted by a pair of Twitter users.

Twitter user SfdxShow shared some renders of what appear to be Zotac’s RTX 3080 and 3090 models. According to the listings, these look to be the Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity Holo, and the RTX 3080 Trinity Holo. These particular SKUs might be Zotac’s flagship cards.

Compared to the leaked Founder’s Edition card we previously saw, the RTX 3090 Trinity Holo appears to have similar dimensions, replete with a triple-fan cooling solution that could very well occupy three slots. The images suggest that Zotac’s RTX 3080 Trinity Holo will sport a similar cooling solution.

Unfortunately, the renders don’t offer a glimpse of the power connector. We know Nvidia’s FE cards will use a 12-pin connector, oriented vertically on the PCB as to save space. However, some AIB partners may opt for something more traditional, or make use of a pair of 8-pin connectors rather than a single 12-pin.

These types of connectors will likely only be reserved for Ampere’s upper end silicon (RTX 3090/3080), as those GPUs are rumored to come with a TGP (Total Graphics Power) of 350W and 320W, respectively. Elsewhere in Zotac’s leaked lineup there’s also the RTX 3070, with at least two different SKUs. There’s also additional RTX 3090 and 3080 SKUs that will belong to Zotac’s Amp Extreme and Trinity product lines.

We won’t have to wait long to get official information on GeForce RTX Ampere, as Nvidia has widely publicized a GeForce event that’s scheduled for next Tuesday, September 1st.

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