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10 of the most anticipated video games of 2021

Sony Interactive Entertainment / Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Although 2020 was a strange and tough year, many good video games helped people spend their time in quarantine. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Provided social interaction and relaxation. Last of Us Part II, An action-adventure that continues Erie’s journey across the apocalyptic America.Various iterations of the high octane first-person shooter franchise call of Duty..

In the future, many studios and independent video games scheduled for release in 2021 promise to offer innovative storytelling, thrilling combat, and bold new experiences.

There is a stealth game in the entry Hitman 3, This is the eighth in a series following the escape of the Order of Assassins Agent 47, spoken by veteran actor David Bateson.There is also Far Cry 6, The sixth in a series featuring Giancarlo Esposito, and the sequel God of War, Won this year’s game at the 2018 Game Awards.

Meanwhile, Annapurna Interactive is known for being romantic and emotional. Florence Story driven Edith Finch Wreckage, Releases a star-studded story thriller 12 minutes With Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy and Willem Dafoe.

Read the list of 10 exciting game releases in 2021.

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