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Discover this horrible and promising survival game to watch closely in 2021.

Discover this horrible and promising survival game to watch closely in 2021.

2020 It has been a prolific year of video games. The blockades forced those first affected to opt for indoor entertainment, such as video games. 2021 promises to be partly similar, all the more reason to keep an eye on the title Children of the forest, promising after a few flashes.

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Presented in 2019, Children of the forest is none other than the continuation of the brilliant The forest. A horrible looking survival game that will appeal to more than one player. The force of The forest, its multiplayer mode, for multiplayer games. Children of the forest It reuses the same ingredients that made its predecessor’s success and updates everything, for added realism.

To the program: exploration, mutant and strange monsters, crafts but above all, survival. Uncompromising weather, incongruous and speedy enemies, limited ammo, and managing thirst and hunger, you’ll have to organize yourself to survive in this particular forest. The players of The forest You should not get disoriented there, the principle remains the same. However, Children of the forest It’s probably hyped more than just its graphics, new features that will push this sequel even further.

The second trailer for the game, released a bit more this December, will be released in 2021. It remains to be seen if Children of the forest it will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor with an Early Access release. Regardless, this promising game should be unveiled a bit more in the coming months.