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19 times free! Free games and apps for iOS and Android


Again, there are both for Android phones and for iPhone Free apps and games. Hurry, because the download from the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore is only free for a short time.

Raise your hand, weekend! You already know what it is: there are free promotions week after week in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. This way you can dust off free games and apps that you would otherwise have to pay for with hard currency. We collect these downloads in apps and on sites like MyDealz and list them for you. Unlike our Top 5 Apps of the Week list, we don’t explicitly test content. So we are not responsible for creepy graphics or shameless in-app purchases. Do you want to go harass yourself? So Antoine tells you in his article, what you should keep in mind when looking for free applications on the Internet.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Advice: Do you want to secure a free app for the future? Then download it for a moment and delete it again if necessary. In this way, it will be added to the list of your purchased apps and you will be able to download them again in the future.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are available for free on the Google Play Store

  • measurement center (4.49 ): Would you like to transform your home this summer? Then download this app and make sure your home improvement projects don’t fall short of the required dimensions.
  • Equalizer Bass Booster Pro (1.99 €): This app has a volume booster that changes the overall sound and improves the sound quality, making your music sound better and louder. Of course, you can also better wear your earplugs with it.

You can find these games for free on the Google Play Store

  • Sword Knights: Idle RPG (Magic) (€1.49): Do you like to collect all kinds of weapons, level up your character and enjoy the hard life of a knight? Then this game is perfect for you.
  • Assassin Lord: Idle RPG (Upgrade) (€1.99): Another idle RPG that is not influenced by the player, but is a good way to pass the time.
  • Word Search 600 Pro (€1.99): Do you love to tickle your brain a little? Then you will surely have fun with this alphabet soup
  • Fast Star VIP (€0.99): This reflex-testing rhythm game pays homage to Beatmania and other old-school rhythm games.
  • DungeonMon! (€0.99): Train monsters and pit them against each other in battles to emerge victorious. Does the concept sound familiar to you? I thought within myself!
  • SLOC (€1.99): This 2D Rubik’s cube puzzle is a great way to kill time whenever you want to challenge your brain a bit.
  • mr runner (€4.99): Challenge your friends or the AI ​​to a fast-paced race. The road is not curvy, but it’s still fun.
  • Bottle crusher 3D model (€1.99): Sometimes you feel like breaking things, even if they are virtual glass bottles. Perfect for relieving stress, with good graphics and smooth controls.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are available for free on the Apple AppStore

  • remote numeric keypad (€3.99): If you work with Excel, Numbers or any other professional application on your computer, this app is for you. Turn iPhone or iPad into a powerful and elegant keyboard extension with numbers and navigation buttons.
  • Phone Unit: File Storage Sync (€3.99): Now use your iOS device as a portable wireless flash drive. You can store, view, and manage files locally or in the cloud on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Security Photo+Video Pro (€3.99): Keep your secret photos and videos private. With this application you can protect your most sensitive media with an access code so that prying eyes don’t see what you don’t want them to see.
  • battery level (€0.99): Shows the current battery level of your device and allows you to monitor the system status.
  • Bill Minder (€2.99): This is the perfect app to remind you to pay your bills. This avoids late fees, saves money and improves your creditworthiness.

These games are free for iOS.

  • Classic Warlord Strategy (€4.99): Warlords Classic is an official port of the fabulous game you played on PC, Mac or Amiga in your childhood. Enjoy old school graphics.
  • true surfing (€1.99): Supposedly the most realistic surfing game in the world. Here you can conquer the waves without getting wet.
  • neo monsters (€0.99): Catch monsters, train them… and so on. It’s a well-known refried formula, but it just works.
  • Abi: the story of a robot (€0.99): Through exploration and interaction, the player helps Abi unravel the mysteries of Metropolis, search for more clues about DD’s white bird, and find ways to save Jamie.

That’s all for this week. Have fun with the downloads – there will be more on Tuesday! A request at the end: write us briefly in the comments if one of the applications becomes paid again. Thank you and have a nice weekend everyone!

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