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1Up Retro – Midtown video games and more

1Up Retro – Midtown video games and more

Teens Tune-2/1It’s time for teens tune! Tina brings us back to 1982 today and play with us!

Snow day rentalCan’t you climb the hill because you don’t have enough snow gear? A local shop has covered you! Dave Grashoff will help you bundle with Kasie Wilson from “Snow Day Rentals”.

1Up Retro-Midtown video games, etc.From Mario Kart to D & D, this place has it all! Lori Wallace will guide you at 1Up Retro in Midtown, Sacramento.

Stockton’s “Pinata Cake”Get a special treat for your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day! Linda Lupine from “Pinata Cakes” joins Tina to show us all the goodies she offers.

“Meatless Monday” with Vegan Lady SoulStart February on a meatless Monday! Nicole Williams of “Began Lady Soul” joins Courtney and introduces the recipe!

VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop Reunion”Love is airing on VH1 and has a new Valentine’s Day-themed episode, Love and Hip-Hop. Yung Joc joins Julissa and Court and tells you everything about it!

Who wants to resign as Mayor of SacramentoSacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has been summoned for dealing with homeless people in the city after extreme weather struck Northern California and tore homeless camps. One group says they did not do enough to prevent the deaths of two people who could be associated with the storm.

Munch Davis-Philippine dessert!Support your local business while enjoying Filipino desserts! Lori Wallace is in Davis with members of Munch Davis to show off her favorite childhood treats.

“Practical Joker”-James MurrayJohn loves “Impractical Jokers” so he makes it possible to interview each and every star of the show. Today, James Murray joins John to talk about the show!

Sing It To Me-2 / 1Tina disbands Rev. Al Green for today’s Sing It To Me!

“Palmer” star Alisha WainwrightAlisha Wainwright, one of the stars of Apple TV +’s new movie Palmer, joins Courtney to talk about the movie.

Learning Curve-Suzard’s Latest InformationLast month we met a teacher from Northern California who became a TikTok star overnight and kept up with the students through the app. Check in with Suzard again to see how the fundraising process is going and which celebrities are supporting that goal.

Gypsy cowgirlEnjoy citrus

Music makes me happy Part 2..

Music makes me happyDuet of local songs

Plant Ready 8am, Part 2 1/31/2021Plant Ready 8am, Part 2 1/31/2021

Bellco woodWhether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, Berco Lumber can help you get the job done!

Wear & rebornFrom cabinets to desks, a local mom turned her refinishing talent into a booming business.

Plant Lady 8:00 am January 31, 2021Plant Lady 8:00 am January 31, 2021