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your message causes "panic" - Social networks in

your message causes “panic” – Social networks in

The social network wants to show that things are not as bad as Apple shows: the data will help personalize the ads and support the business.

  • The request in which Facebook requests permission to use the data for advertising purposes will appear on Facebook and Instagram accounts around the world. writes Axios.

  • If users allow applications to collect data, nothing will change: they will see the same targeted ads. If you choose not to participate, your ads will be less relevant and personalized.
  • Testing is done in the context of changes to privacy settings in the App Store – business obliged Application developers communicate what data they collect and ask for your consent to use IDFA (Apple Device Identifier for Advertising Attribution and Analytics).

  • The social network has repeatedly criticized the new rules as they will affect the quality of targeting: in December, Facebook I buy Newspaper ads saying the requirement would hurt small businesses that rely on targeted advertising for sales.
  • Notifications from Facebook will appear before a similar request from Apple. The company fears that Apple’s message is written in “alarmist” language; the social network wants to show people that it is not so scary; your data will help “create more personalized ads” and “support a business waiting to be targeted.” writes Bloomberg.
  • According to rules Apple developers do not need to disclose data in the App Store if the user gives permission to track it in the application interface.

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