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20 Ways Games Lie To You | How Video Games Fool You With Hidden Systems

20 Ways Games Lie To You | How Video Games Fool You With Hidden Systems

Video games use every trick in the booth to make you feel something. Everyone knows how a movie uses music to manipulate an audience and loud sounds to do jump scare. Video games do the same. Video games can use visual information and systems to make us feel like we’re doing well, or vice versa to challenge us. Games can lie, but today we’ll talk about some weird little tricks that games use to give us an experience.

Some of these tricks are really amazing. So if you don’t want to ruin the game, you might want to stop right now. In many games, I found a small secret that completely surprised my mind. The best secrets you don’t even realize are happening to you, are you listening to them? After that, you can’t stop watching it.

Some of these tricks are pretty well known, even if you don’t know exactly what they take. Each game is different, so let’s take a look at some of these wild lies that developers use to trick us into completely immersing themselves in the game.

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The last bit of your health will be rated on more HP

Many games use simple tricks to make you feel like you’re barely holding your life. Assassin’s Creed And DOOM (2016) We appreciate the last bit of health so that we can take more damage than usual.This is especially Destiny: eternity — And it’s one game where you always barely survive at 1 HP. Bioshock And The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Also pull this little trick.

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Enemies always miss the first few shots

This is a phenomenal revelation. In certain games, the enemy always misses the first few shots. Bioshock Enemies are identified — and they will be alerted immediately without any damage. Luftrausers enemy planes always miss the first shot to make them feel like they are better pilots.

Oh, there are many more examples of this first advantage.Enemy Spec Ops: The Line It starts with 0% accuracy and slowly increases as the battle progresses. And that dad, your dad (or grandpa) is playing with Windows 95 — Minesweeper?? The first click is by no means mine.

Or a narrow escape mistake

Enemies aren’t just programmed to miss on the first shot.To Oddworld: New N’Tasty — And the original two Oddworld Games on PS1 — Friendly alien Abe is always shot and escaped when climbing shelves, entering doors, and exiting the current screen. That way you’ll be shot, but the escape window will be narrower.

The enemy doesn’t shoot you from behind

No one likes to die. In video games, you need to see how you die. A confused player is a frustrated player. With that in mind, call of Duty The game almost always misses when you look away from action. They can still hit you, but it’s rare.In games like Bioshock, Big Daddy’s insane running speed is significantly slowed down, making it less likely to die with a hole in your back.

Destroy the illusion and discover some of the most fascinating ways developers fool us. For more information Following page..

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