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3000 speeders get away with no penalty

3000 speeders get away with no penalty

Thousands of violators get away without penalty because hackers violate a competent IService provider have paralyzed As a result, vehicle data could not be requested or transmitted.

Around 3,000 speed violators got away with it unpunished due to the huge hacking attack last year in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district. A district spokesperson confirmed Thursday that the procedures with the drivers who were flashed had expired because the district was unable to process the data and the deadlines were eventually exceeded.

The period from mid-October is affected: the time of the hackers’ attack on the municipal IService provider – until the end of 2021. During this time, no inquiries could be made from the owners and no contact could be made with the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The “Schweriner Volkszeitung” had previously reported.

ransomware cyber attack

During a ransomware cyberattack in October 2021, the servers of Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft (SIS) and Kommunalservice Mecklenburg (KSM) were partially encrypted by malware. After the hackers’ attack, most of the district’s systems were shut down and only gradually restarted.

The state capital, Schwerin, was also affected by the attack. A spokeswoman was initially unable to answer whether there were also proceedings against speeding violators for exceeding the deadline.

It is still not possible to say exactly what exactly the cybercriminals intended with the attack or what the background of the hack was. Officially, no claims were made and it is also unclear who is responsible for the attack.