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4 free PS4 games - the first one as today's gift is Ratchet & Clank (updated)

4 free PS4 games – the first one as today’s gift is Ratchet & Clank (updated)

To update03/02/2021

Ratchet & Clank is now available for free to all PlayStation users. Here are all the details of the initiative.

Free PS4 games for everyone! To announce that it is Jim Ryan, Yes “Convict” having announced several news in the last hours. The president and CEO of PlayStation has decided to carry out the initiative Play at home that he gave as a gift last April Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection me Travel Sony console users.

Given the last 12 months of difficulty, the PlayStation team would like to thank their community with a nice gift: “We all need something to distract ourselves with and another good reason to maintain social distancing, which is why we are delighted to bring you a free selection of great games and entertainment offers.” Jim Ryan comments in the press release issued on Official PlayStation Blog.

Play At Home will be available until June, and as of today March 2, 2021 it will give you one game a month. At the moment, only the gifts for March have been revealed, which include the first free game and also another small surprise that, however, we do not know if it will be accessible in our country:

In the coming weeks, other games will also be announced and will be available for free on the PlayStation Store in the months of April, May and June.