Microsoft Announces Power Automate Desktop, Its Advanced Automation Tool, Now Available Free To All Windows 10 Users

Almost everyone has routine tasks and Sisyphean that they need to perform on a computer. know. Filling in forms, sending emails. Opening of several applications at the beginning of the working day. The good news is that if you have a Windows PC, you will soon be able to let Windows do it for you.

At the Ignite virtual conference, Microsoft announced that it had updated the Power Automate Desktop, Its robotic automation feature, and will release it for free use for all Windows 10 users.

Automation will do it for you

Power Automate Desktop is an RPA, which is a kind of macro recorder for Windows and Web environment. Once you activate it, it will record the actions you perform regularly and repeatedly, and then you can restore them on a preset schedule or with the click of a button.

While the tool comes with 370 pre-built automations, which interface with Office applications, websites, SAP, and even legacy systems and existing mainframe terminals; But of course you can record the action you want it to take on your own. At Microsoft, we emphasize that the whole process is well managed and monitored by you, so that you can see complete logs of operations, and you can also debug and find out if a particular scenario has problems and why. In fact, each error will be accompanied by a screenshot so you can see exactly where the problem is.

Create personal desktop flows with easy drag and drop features in Power Automate Desktop.

For example, instead of entering a certain Excel file every morning, copying data from a specific sheet, then going to the site and copying other data from there, and then emailing the information to a certain distribution, you can set this macro and it will do it for you, at the time you set.

The tool is available for free download now – and Microsoft says it will then be integrated into Windows for all users.

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