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5 games to play with your loved ones who don’t play video games


Since Valentine’s Day is here and most of the world is still blocked, I think most of us will be celebrating the most romantic day of the year with our home partners.

Whether your partner is a gamer or not, we’ve picked this list to show you a short experience that can be completed in just a few hours, like a backseat game, as a shared experience, not necessarily as a collaborative playthrough. To do. Otherwise, think of it as an alternative to the movies and TV shows you’re watching together. Here are five games we think you and your partner should enjoy together on Valentine’s Day without any extra hassle.

Donut county

In this whimsical game, you can control a huge hole that can swallow everything in the path, such as reversing the Katamari Damacy in a way. The story reminds me of regular shows and their sister shows, Close Enough. If you’re looking for something with a little more humor and enough gameplay to stay engaged for two hours, then there’s no doubt in Donut County.

When there was a past

Mojiken Studio’s point-and-click adventure game on love, loss, and relationships has been replaced by a beautiful art style. The game looks gorgeous and is sure to remain in your mind for quite some time. Tells the story of Eda, a young woman who lost a little in her life until she met a mysterious owl when the past was around. The entire game lasts about two hours, so it’s a great alternative to movies like her and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Probably the longest game on the list, Full Run is just over nine hours, and Haven puts the relationship between the two protagonists in the foreground and center. They spend their days together as the only humans on the alien planet. The game can be played accidentally, so it’s like binging the entire season of a TV show. It also explores and fights more than the rest of the list, so it may be suitable for couples with a lot of experience in video games.

Deathless choice

It’s a curve ball choice, but if your partner is an avid reader, lawyer, or has some interest in trial dramas, be sure to check out the Choice of the Deathless. This text-based game is called the “legal thriller of necromancy” when experiencing the daily moments of a skeleton lawyer. Weird and weird, but definitely fun.In fact, players can try the game completely Once for free Through its official website just to check it first.


This cartoon-like puzzle adventure game can be played like Florence Yo, a young woman who lives her life without much spoiling. Even the slightest aspect of her life can be played in short mini-games. The game is divided into six acts, with minimal conversation, but demonstrating such compelling passion and flow of life. This is arguably the shortest game on the list, but it’s a brilliant example of a story-based video game.

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