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"We must avoid an attack on the principle of equality", according to a constitutional expert

“We will have to keep away from an attack on the theory of equality”, in accordance to a constitutional skilled

If the reopening of restaurants and athletics halls is not yet on the agenda, the authorities is operating on an update to TousAntiCovid with a QR code that would allow for a far better stick to-up of situations. in this destinations. According to the constitutional skilled Jean-Philippe Derosier, who is also a professor of community regulation at the University of Lille, “there is a difficulty with the theory of equalitysimply because “not everybody has a compatible cell cellphone and it is not mandatory to have one”.

“It is also not obligatory to obtain the ‘TousAntiCovid’ software,” he emphasizes. In accordance to him, “what must be averted is a barrier and an attack on the theory of equality which would suggest that those people who have determined not to obtain the application, mainly because it is not mandatory, or who have a digital divide or who by particular choice do not want to have a phone, I cannot go to the restaurant“There would be a constitutional trouble,” he adds.

“We can entirely reject (obtain the software), the dilemma is the consequence of rejection And in this scenario, can we ban the entrance to a cafe, a gymnasium or a cinema? “Asks Jean-Philippe Derosier.” If getting the application gets an obligation to enter the restaurant, it is a problem of constitutionality on individual freedom, the freedom to come and go and the right to respect for personal life ”, concedes the constitutional specialist.

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