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5 Helpful Tips for MacBook Users

5 Helpful Tips for MacBook Users

Arnoldas Lukošius, a Tele2 Innovation Office expert, presents five useful functions of Apple computers and advises how to use them even more efficiently.

Use special key combinations

Many actions can be performed on your MacBook using keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can take a quick screenshot by pressing Command, Shift, and 3. You can take a screenshot of a part of the screen by pressing Command, Shift, and 4. Simultaneously, it will be automatically saved to your computer desktop.

When you’re in a hurry and want to shut down your computer quickly and safely, check the Control, Option, Command, and Eject buttons. And to quickly put your computer screen to sleep, press Control, Command, and Q.

If you come across an unfamiliar term while reading English text, you may want to use the dictionary function. Highlight an unknown word and press Command, Control, and D at the same time. A table with the exact meaning of the word and its description will appear on the screen.

Share documents

For working from home, learning and studying, the convenient Collaborate feature is worth a try. It allows you to share files you have created with others in all the document management applications on your MacBook: write pages, calculate numbers, and create Keynote presentations. By doing this, you will be able to edit and create multiple files together with your colleague or classmate.

Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min photo / website “Dieal”

This feature is very easy to use. You must first log into your iCloud Drive storage account. Then open the selected document and click the share button in the upper right corner. In the new window you can choose how you want to send the invitation. You can do it by email. by email, SMS, by copying the link or by sending an invitation through the AirDrop data transfer application. You can also choose a sharing method and determine if a colleague can only view or edit the document.

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Take advantage of Safari and the App Store

On Windows computers, we are generally used to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. After purchasing an Apple computer, we recommend that you try the built-in Safari browser here. It is considered one of the safest. For example, if you click a link on a suspicious or malicious site, you will receive a warning message immediately before opening the page. And if the security of your password is compromised, the browser will notify you and ask you to change your password immediately.

All the applications you need for science, work, or play on your MacBook can be downloaded from the App Store. The principle is very similar to downloading applications on your smartphone. All programs are tested, so you can be sure that they will be safe for your computer. nuotr./procedureApp Store nuotr./procedureApp Store “

Apple devices are renowned for their exceptional security and privacy, so the user does not have to worry about viruses or data loss. If you forget where you left or lost your Mac, the helpful Find My feature will help you find your device.

Update your computer’s operating system

One of the biggest benefits of Macs is that constant software updates will keep your computer safe, add new features, and provide the latest version of the operating system.

The latest, the Macos Big Sur, surprised with a revamped design, new customization features, a faster browser, translation, privacy reports, improved iMessages, updated maps, and other changes that will benefit everyday computing.

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Pair your computer with other devices

To take full advantage of the ecosystem, connect your computer to other available Apple devices: a tablet, a phone, or a smartphone. Specific continuity features help you link devices so you can start on one device and end on another.

Apple nuotr./iPad Pro

Apple nuotr./iPad Pro

For example, by activating the Handoff information transfer solution, you can start composing a message on your phone and quickly jump to it when typing on a computer, or vice versa. The universal clipboard feature allows you to copy text, a photo, or a video to one device and paste it to another. And the continuity camera helps you instantly transfer a document to a computer after scanning or taking a photo.

Meanwhile, the Sidecar function will allow you to use the tablet as an additional display for your computer. By using a smart watch, you can unlock your computer even without a password. You can also write messages and make and receive calls on any of your devices. Sharing files between different Apple devices will be more convenient with the AirDrop solution and for those who send large files by email. Mail will benefit from the MailDrop feature.