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5 quick tips to improve at Cold War Zombies


If you are a big fan of Resident Evil and loved watching the Zombie series “All of us are dead,” you might already have played Call of Duty: Zombie mode. Since the Zombie mode was introduced in the game, it has made the gaming experience more fun and thrilling. With zombies crawling towards you, horde after horde, and players waiting to kill you in a single shot, this game becomes even more challenging with the new Cold War’s new Outbreak mode. But with all these cool additions to the game, the Cold War Zombie mode of the game can be tricky to understand for many players. So, here are the top five Black Ops Cold War hacks that will help you excel at the game.

1.   Start with a knife

You must be thinking – Huh! What kind of a tip is this? Why use a knife when we have the best weapons with us? And how are we going to take down zombies with a knife? It might sound a bit weird to fight with a knife when you have a zombie approaching you, but it is by far the best weapon to maximize early point values. These points depend on the choice of weapon, the kill you make, or the damage so far caused by it. And you will be surprised to know melee or fighting with a knife creates more damage than a gun, especially if you are not confident about headshots.

Unlike other loadouts in the COD, knives do not drop off early. So, if you need to gain more points, especially during the initial half of the round, to buy more perks and upgrade your weapon – use knives to your advantage.

2.   Ring of fire to camp without worries

Are you tired of constantly running and fighting your enemies and hordes of enemies? Do you want to rest or camp at a location? Scared of getting killed by a nasty attack from a zombie during camping? Camping is definitely a good source of leisure in COD but not every time, especially when you have a horde of zombies looking for prey, but that does not mean you can’t relax for a bit. You can use a ring of fire to do just that.

How? Well, it helps you to wipe out the hordes of zombies in one go and aids your weapon features. Certain spots are out there on the map, like The Penthouse beside the Wunderfizz machine, where the ring of fireworks works best. But always use this trick mindfully because things can go haywire pretty quickly.

3.   Do not underestimate armor.

Armor is one of the essential things every player should have with them in a game like Call of Duty. This new feature of Cold War Zombies maximizes your chances of survival in the game. But it is important for you to know when to use it to take your gameplay to an even higher level. Whether playing in a team or going solo, good armor usage can help you survive for an extended period. In case you are playing as part of a squad, it is best to prioritize who gets the armor beforehand. Also, never miss out on any armor upgrade to repair any broken armor you might have in your inventory.

4.   Avoid mystery boxes

If you have also been lured into the trap of mystery boxes, this tip is for you. Some things don’t come easy but worry not; we are here to help you, so you don’t face what other players did. Mystery boxes are a big part of the COD franchise and contain a huge amount of money in the early stages. But wait, your enemy could also be there waiting for you to fall for the trap. Until it is absolutely necessary to upgrade your weapon, it is best to stick to your guns and avoid mystery boxes.

5.   Collect resources ASAP

To survive in COD zombie mode, you need to be quick. You do not want your opponent to get all the best weapons and loadouts while being left with just a rifle with you. Try to collect as many perks as you can.

That’s all for now. Make sure to practice with these tips to improve your gameplay.

Herbert Wise
Herbert Wise
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