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5G, reassuring tests on millimeter wave emissions in France

5G, reassuring tests on millimeter wave emissions in France

An experiment on emissions in the 26 Ghz band carried out within the Rennes station yielded reassuring outcomes on emission ranges, well under the limits.

In France theNational Frequency Agency (ANFR) has printed the results of a examination carried out in 5G millimeter waves, measured inside the Rennes teach station. The test refers to emissions in the 26 Ghz band, a single of the parts of the spectrum determined for 5G, and the emission amounts are “perfectly down below the regulatory limitations” expected.

At Rennes station

He writes it The galery, reporting the reassuring effects of the experimentation carried out in the arrivals and departures hall of Rennes station, where the emissions of two 26 Ghz antennas produced by Nokia have been examined on an experimental basis. The emission concentrations recorded stay in a really minimal variety, amongst .4 and 3.2 volts for each meter (v / m).

The restrict in France is about 10 times better than the Italian, in which the greatest emission limit is set at 6 v / m amongst the strictest in the EU. Consequently, French experimentation would have totally exceeded even the narrowest limitations of our state.

Quite localized publicity

The exhibition created, concluded the ANFR, is very localized. The further more you transfer away from the 5G beam, the much more the effect of the sign decreases. The antenna divides the sign according to the selection of consumers. The more end users there are, the less exposure is potent.

Past April, the French Company for Health Protection (ANSES) experienced already published a further highly predicted report on the consequences of 5G in which it described “unlikely” that frequencies in the 3.5 Ghz band, yet another band reserved for 5G and currently assigned to operators, could constitute a wellness hazard.

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