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6 new Microsoft features in the “Teams” app


Microsoft has released a major update to the Teams app for video calling, including a host of new features that will be available to users this month, including the offline autoship feature, the ability to remove Outlook attachments, a new hub approval, and others.

These are the most important new features of the “TEAMS” application that will make it easier for you to communicate and cooperate with others in performing tasks easily.

1- Offline auto send function

The offline auto-send feature allows you to continue to send messages through TIMES even without an internet connection, as this feature determines how long TIMES messages are sent or edited when the user is offline, and these messages are sent automatically as soon as you return the device to the internet connection.

2- The new approval center

You can use the approvals service in Teams to simplify approval requests and processes with your teammates and partners. You can create requests, view the requests that are sent to you, but now the app includes a feature called the approval center, and this is where you can see it. All consents you have sent or received, including approvals already completed.

It’s also easy to send approval requests via live Teams chat, channel chat, or through the approvals app itself. Just select the type of consent, add details, attach files, and choose the people you want to agree with. Once submitted, they are notified and can review the request and act on it.

A wide range of approval requests can be submitted, such as asking a coworker to give the customer a discount, requesting an expense report, submitting a license request, and more.

3- Add a shared calendar to a channel in the Times application

The latest update to the “Teams” application includes a new feature that allows you to create a calendar and share it with members of a specific channel. When you create a meeting on a channel, Teams automatically creates a new post in the channel’s activity feed.

Users who turn off notifications will only see the event when they open the channel calendar, and once the channel event is published, you can add it to your personal calendar. This feature gives all channel members, except invited users, visibility of upcoming events.

With the break room function, teachers and educators will be able to divide their classes into small groups (Reuters)

4- Transfer attachments from Outlook easily

Before the latest update, if you wanted to share any Outlook mail attachment in TIMES app, you should have saved the email attachment on your device automatically and then upload it to TIMES app to share it on the desired conversation or channel . .

But now it’s so simple, all you have to do is extract the attachments from Outlook and pass them to the Times app.

5- break rooms

As teachers and meeting organizers look for ways to foster meaningful discussions, it is necessary to divide participants into small groups to facilitate discussions.

Therefore, Microsoft launched the meeting rooms feature to facilitate group discussions, as it was easy for managers to divide work teams into small groups to accomplish certain tasks or finish projects quickly.

By using this feature, teachers and educators will be able to divide their classes into small groups for things like projects or focused discussions.

6- Integration of teams with Google Workspace

Now it’s easy to schedule and join Teams meetings right from your Google Calendar with a new plugin. You can make video calls, brainstorm with your digital whiteboard, and stay connected with your school and business.

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