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Global Game Jam Summary


While college graduates and the current situation may be causing a great deal of stress for much of this semester, the Global Game Jam event is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Global Game Jam is an event held in January every year. As the name implies, contestants and attendees come from all over the world, and the event itself is primarily about the contestants creating video games, rather than just playing video games. Also, keep in mind that the entire Global Game Jam event always revolves around the theme on which the athlete is based. This year’s main theme was “lost property office”.

“The point of Global Game Jam is not competition, but more or less encourages a sense of friendship and cooperation between competitors,” said Assistant Professor Nick Huang, chief coordinator of the event’s UW-Whitewater. .. “Creating a game you’ve never seen before and creating an environment of collaboration in the hope that it will lead to the creation of new friendships,” said Huang, who said this year’s event was almost virtual. However, it is said that the participation of Whitewater students was still relatively large.

“31 students attended the event, some of whom didn’t even have a degree related to video games, but did attend anyway.” Eventually, the Whitewater students and staff who attended managed to do so. He created 10 video games, shared his work through social media such as Discord (popular with video game players), and eventually worked as a team throughout the event, just like globally. It is intended for game jams.

The main group behind UW-Whitewater’s involvement is the Games and Media Entertainment Developers Club, or GAMED for short. As stated on the University Accreditation Sheet, the club’s purpose is to “provide members with an environment that facilitates and facilitates the development of skills and practices for analyzing and creating games and other interactive media.” .. Therefore, it is not surprising that GAMED was willing to lead participation in the Global Game Jam event for this purpose.

One of the members who participated in the Global Jam was Rare Brask. “This is my third year participating in Global Game Jam. I’m familiar with the structure of game jams because I’ve also participated in many GAMED club run jams.” Leah Blacysk told Global Game Jam. I participated and worked on a video game called “Doggo Rescue”. LeahBlacysk said, “In a 3D point-and-click game, control a dog to find someone lost in the surrounding area. I’m a programmer, working on player movement features and fellow human AI. If you’re interested, you can find “Doggo Rescue” and all the other video games made by UW-Whitewater students here.

The Global Game Jam event may be over for now (returning to January next year), but you can attend the Game Jam event hosted by the GAMED club here at the university. “Of course, whenever we have free time, we meet remotely and work on team projects throughout the semester,” Wesley McWhorter, president of GAMED and also participated in Global Game Jam. The game “Doggo Rescue”.

“One of the unique things about events like Global Game Jam is that you have 48 hours to start making games from scratch, so you have to gain experience in time management and working under pressure. It’s really fun .. “. For those interested in participating in other game jams held by GAMED this semester, the club meets every Monday at 7pm on the Discord Server. The link is here.

For now, Global Game Jam itself is certainly a fun and engaging event, and ultimately to Whitewater and international students here, creative, collaborative, working under pressure, and most importantly, I wanted to have fun.

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