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6 of the best shows on Netflix from 2019 onwards


TV shows have always been a great hit and are quite often preferred over movies, they can still be caught on live aerial TV, click here for TV aerial installation. However, due to restricted viewing times, more and more people are steering towards Netflix and other streaming platforms. Navigating your way through the world of Netflix however, can be a difficult process, specifically if you are new to the platform. There is an extremely overwhelming amount of content on the streaming service and sometimes it can be difficult to find shows that you would enjoy out with the ones already suggested for you. If you are looking to watch newer shows then you have come to the right place as we will reveal some of the best shows that Netflix has broadcast from 2019 and onwards.

Selling Sunset

The real estate crossed with reality show appeared to be a hit amongst viewers when it was first shown on Netflix in 2019. Viewers get a closer insight into what life, and more importantly, housing is like for those wealthy individuals living in the glamorous areas across Los Angeles. The show demonstrates the lives of the real estate agents working within the high-end brokerage, The Oppenheim Group presenting raw, unscripted content displaying the drama and pressures that are involved working within real estate. The show has just released its fourth season which has left viewers thrilled as they can continue keeping up with the exquisite lifestyle.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

This four-part docuseries focuses on the corruption of the American Justice System towards the victims of the crimes committed by the infamous Jeffrey Epstein and his acquaintances. One of the best shows on Netflix gives us a deeper look at the luxurious life of Epstein and how he was able to use wealth and authority to get away with criminality before his death in prison in 2019. The viewer is left astonished at the acts of violence as they hear real-life stories from the victims and those involved throughout over 20 years of pure evilness with Mr. Epstein.

White Lines 

Perfect for party lovers, White Lines is a mystery series centring around the disappearance of a young boy who takes off to Ibiza with his friends to evolve in the world of clubbing. After he disappears unexpectedly, his younger sister, who has always been close with him takes off to the island to find some answers. She embarks on quite the journey out there, meeting some fascinating characters along the way, in an attempt to retrack her brothers’ steps.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Proving to be one of the maddest yet best shows on Netflix, Tiger King staring the notorious Joe Exotic, features an Oklahoma Zoo run by the antagonist himself, which receives a lot of public recognition for their large number and misuse of big cats. The show switches between Oklahoma and Florida to Joe’s opponent Carol Baskin, who believes that what he is doing is morally wrong as she runs a cat sanctuary caring for big cats instead of making money from them. This warped and distorted show has viewers left laughing and lost for words and has continued on Netflix with a second season released approximately a year after the original.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

One of the best shows on Netflix in 2020 has got to be the docuseries, The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, featuring the fiercely popular New England Patriots NFL star. This must-watch reflects on the life of the prestigious star as the audience soon realise that his superstar lifestyle is not all that it is painted out to be. We soon find out that throughout his career, he has been involved in a series of murders, two that had gone unnoticed as he continued to excel in his career afterward. The documentary successfully examines the true pressures of playing in American’s National Football League and the effects that it can have on an individual.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Another one of the best shows on Netflix was presented to us at the peak of lockdown number two here in the UK. Again, a perfect time to binge-watch TV. The crime docuseries explores the vanishing of young Elisa Lam, a Canadian student, who takes a trip to Los Angeles and finds herself in accommodation with a lot of history. The Stay on Main Hotel, formally known as The Cecil Hotel has a lot to answer for after Lam vanishes as the viewer is taken through the eerie and unpleasant history of the hotel to assist with the more recent disappearance. The show ultimately leaves the viewer disturbed and concerned at what they find out towards the end of the series.

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