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The girl “shows how” to detect hidden cameras, two-way mirrors … in a hotel room


Monday, January 10, 2022 19:15 PM (GMT + 7)

Bathrooms and hidden cameras are two of the things this girl cares about the most when it comes to renting a hotel room.

Amy, the girl who uses the Stockingsgirl account on the social network TikTok, recently shared a video about the security measures she usually uses when entering a hotel room.

According to The Sun, the video attracted a great deal of attention with more than 24 million views in just a few days.

With the caption: “Girls who enter the hotel pay attention first …”, the video begins with Amy closing the door of the hotel room and using an anti-opening device made by the girl herself. This helps to ensure that people cannot enter the room from the outside, even if they have a magnetic card to open the door.

More carefully, Amy also placed a porcelain cup on the doorknob so that if someone opened the door from the outside, the cup would fall off, creating a noise to wake up people in the room.

Amy placed the cup on the doorknob. Photo: The Sun

Amy then drew the curtains and turned off all the lights in the room to use the infrared detector. This girl scans the entire hotel room with an infrared detector to see if she has been spied on by hidden cameras. Notable places include the shower, vents, air conditioning, and outlets.

Amy also didn’t forget to look at the bathroom mirror to make sure it wasn’t a two-way mirror. If she used a two-way mirror, someone could take a look while she was naked in the bathroom or changing her clothes.

A simple mirror check Amy suggests is to use your fingers. When touching the mirror with your fingertip, if there is a gap between your finger and the image of your finger in the mirror, it is a normal mirror. On the contrary, if there is no space between the finger and the image of the finger in the mirror, Amy assumes that it is a two-way mirror, serving a grim purpose.

Girl & # 34;  showing the way & # 34;  detect hidden camera, two-way mirror ... in hotel room - 2

If there is a gap between the finger and the image of the finger in the mirror, then the mirror is completely normal, according to Amy. Photo: The Sun

Many TikTok users expressed interest in Amy’s safety tips. Some people even suggest their own way of doing this.

“When opening the door to enter the hotel room, do not rush to close the door, leave the door ajar and check the room thoroughly. If someone breaks into the room first, opening the door ajar can help. At least someone hears you ask for help, “commented one user.

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