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64% of the world population considers that the planet is in a state of climate emergency


64% of the planet’s inhabitants believe that humanity is facing a state of climate emergency. This is what the United Nations Development Program and the University of Oxford have just revealed. These data come from the “People’s Climate Vote” poll, the largest ever conducted on climate change.

64% of the planet’s inhabitants believe that humanity is facing a state of climate emergency. PHOTO // DR

Around the world, the feeling of living in a climate-critical period is taking hold. On January 27, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published the results of the investigation ” People’s choice of climate » (Vote for the weather), produced with the University of Oxford. It is the largest survey campaign ever conducted on the perception of climate change around the world. His goal was to ask 1.2 million people ” if climate change were a global emergency “.

Climate, a “global emergency”

Respondents, mainly young people under the age of 18, were interviewed in 50 countries. These people represent 56% of the world’s population over 14 years of age. It seems that for 64% of those surveyed, climate change is a “ global emergency “. « The Climate Vote reveals that the inhabitants of the planet are aware of the magnitude of the necessary action “says UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

This vast survey is also distinguished by the innovative way in which it was conducted. In fact, it was streamed on mobile gaming platforms. UNDP made this decision to reach a smaller population, generally little affected by the surveys. For Professor Stephen Fisher of the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Oxford, this practice has paid off. ” The Climate Vote gave us access to an unprecedented wealth of data on public opinion. Citizens are much more aware of the climate emergency than previously thought “, he says.

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Doing more about the climate emergency

The survey also shows that two-thirds of the people questioned support actions to fight climate change. They also indicate giving full mandate to policy makers to take the necessary measures in this area. But for the moment, these same respondents are generally dissatisfied with the actions taken by world leaders. Only 10% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the actions that political leaders are currently taking.

As part of the survey, UNDP wanted to know if the world’s population adhered to eighteen key climate policies. In general, the people questioned say they want to adopt climate policies that are more comprehensive than the current ones. But the poll revealed four particularly popular tracks. The first measure that these young people say they are willing to support is the preservation of forests. Then comes the desire to see renewable energy developed. Then respondents expect pro-agriculture policies consistent with climate issues. His last great expectation refers to supporting ” economy and green jobs “.

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