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Zeljko Mirovic plays against time!


Zeljko Mitrovic, just two days ago, took off for the first time with his electric octopus (flying car) and entered the history of Serbian and European aviation. Already today, with his band “Monx”, he travels through time in black dance. This is no ordinary businessman, and this time he used his talent, with the help of carefully selected musicians, in the best possible way, and he shows it even today.

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“Dancing in the Dark” – Zeljko’s ninth hit song that came out and deservedly earned a prominent spot on social media. The band “Monx” has been blazing and blazing with their funk-rock fusion hits for weeks, but the song “Dancing in the Dark” must be a true precedent. Isidora Mitić, the former Pink Star, completely masters this song with her extremely powerful voice and colors it completely. You realized !? Wickler and Isidora swapped places. On the last song, her vocal performance was dominant, but now Isidora has taken matters into her own hands.

Zeljko Mitrovic, Monx
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It is a well known fact that Zeljko Mitrovic was a former member of the band “October 1864”, which left a serious mark on the music of the region. But that is not all! His song “Black Dance” ruled dangerously for decades in the former Yugoslavia and was an indispensable hit at parties of all generations. Zeljko’s strong intuition towards something that is good and has a driving vibe is simply towards creating something new, but also related. Something that is consistent with the times and the present. The “black dance” has grown. It became a “Dance in the dark”. It has become a new hit! And “Dancing in the Dark” is something for the band! Or something for a team that wants to put their vocal skills to the test while singing … in any case it leaves a dangerous impression and no problem with that. On the contrary. This dance is more dangerous than the previous one, because behind his neck breathe the new century and the new rules, which smell of domination.

Zeljko Mitrovic, Monx
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It sounds amazing, but Zeljko Mitrovic revived the hit song. Like 9 songs and all the hits. We don’t know, really … it is better to ask Željko, where, in addition to all his serious work and hobbies, he is not lacking in inspiration for musical hits … if he is prepared for a great choice of musical associates or his refined talent … maybe it’s up to both of you … “Dancing in the dark” happened … so cunningly seductive in the opening bars, you want to hear it more and more …

Zeljko Mitrovic, Monx
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A combination of modern and good old school rock… And this time Željko is playing against time. Because it is obvious to him that time does not exist, but only the magic that he creates with the right people, that reaches many, conquers, leaves everything but indifferent and awakens the desire for more! A great man, with the right people, makes the best possible musical works. And this dance is something we didn’t expect, but we enjoyed it!

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