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7 vs Wild Season 2: All Contestants Invited – Does Anyone Refuse?


THESE are the guests for season 2 of 7 vs. Wild! Does everyone agree? Source: Fritz Meinecke – Live on YouTube

You are revealed! Fritz Meinecke presented today, Wednesday, all the candidates for the second season 7 vs. Wild in a video. In other words, the list of participants is not yet entirely official, because the candidates were not asked beforehand, but were invited by video to be up to the minute.

In addition to Fritz Meinecke himself and the lucky one who will participate via wild card, there were still five places to be awarded. In this article you can find out which five people Fritz and his team are considering and have now officially invited to be there. Starting today, guests should have exactly one week to confirm or decline via video reaction so they can arrange a replacement in time if needed.

The invitations went to people with different backgrounds and from different fields. Season 2 should feature outdoor experts, content creators, and most of all, more girl power. But read for yourself.

All guests at a glance

Even before today’s video of Fritz Meinecke on his YouTube Live channel, we knew that he himself would be in the running again and that another spot would go to the wildcard winner. Since season 2 of 7 vs. Wild will once again be about seven people who will spend seven days in solitude, there are five slots left.

That these are really occupied by the people presented below depends above all on themselves. Do they have time in the right shooting period, dare to take on the challenge themselves? That remains to be seen, the answer is expected within a week.

Space 3: Robert Marc Lehmann

Robert Marc Lehmann is at least a good acquaintance of Fritz Meinecke and is an expert on the subject of the outdoors. As a marine biologist and research diver, he feels at home underwater and knows the jungle too. He was meant to be in Season 2, which we know will take place on a tropical island.

Space 4: Sabrina outdoors

Sabrina Outdoor is still fairly new to the outdoor and survival scene, but she quickly made a name for herself and achieved considerable reach, especially in the last twelve months. She first became aware of the genre through Fritz and has now not only produced videos with Fritz, but also implemented several other projects on her YouTube channel. Sabrina is the first of two female guests on Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild.

Space 5: Jens ‘Knossi’ Knossalla

The fifth of the seven spots to be awarded goes to none other than the self-proclaimed king of the internet. We are only talking about Jens Knossalla, better known to many as Knossi. Knossi has been successful as an entertainer, streamer, presenter and content creator for several years and has successfully implemented a wide variety of entertainment formats. During his reaction to season 1 of 7 vs. Wild, he called Fritz Meinecke live and asked for an invite for season 2. He now has it.

Space 6: Sascha Huber

Sascha Huber is a fitness creator and should be a part of Season 1 as well. Unfortunately, he canceled at the time, but later decided to test it himself under similar conditions. The implementation of 7 vs. Wild really caught him afterwards; now it remains to be seen if he will accept the invitation this time.

Space 7: Starlet Nova

Seventh and final place is at the invitation of content creator and influencer Starlet Nova, who most of you will know from the “Cologne bubble” and of course from her streams on Twitch. She also reacted to the Season 1 videos and was very impressed. As Fritz Meinecke explains in the current video, she has experience as a scout and could therefore find such a challenge quite interesting.

As already mentioned, all invitees now have one week to submit a video statement and to accept or decline. As soon as creators comment, we will update this post with your comments in a timely manner to confirm your participation or communicate your cancellation.

Update: Nova has already responded on the stream and is looking forward to participating! That sounds like everything else, but not like cancellation! A final response is still pending.

What do you think? Will all the guests be there? How much do you trust?


What do you think? Will all the guests be there? How much do you trust?X

Whats Next?

In three days there have already been three extensive videos of 7 vs. Wild Season 2 with a lot of information. First the basic orientation with all the possible adjustments and changes, then the explanation of the possibility of participating via a wild card and now all the other invitations for those who would like Fritz and his team to be there. That works? Expect.

According to Fritz Meinecke, there could be another Q&A video for season 2 in the next few days. Of course, there will also be Fritz’s reactions on the broadcast and in videos to the comments of the guests. Reactions to the best video submissions from wildcard applicants start a little later.

Therefore, there will still be a lot of content for Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild before the start of the broadcast in November. Once the field of participants is final, you can almost certainly find preparation videos and similar content on the channels of those who will finally be there.

7 vs. Wild – Season 2 contestants in the video

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