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8 Sites that Prove Browser Based Games aren’t Dead

Adobe Flash’s discontinuation in 2020 was a big blow to browser games. But it was not the end. The death of Adobe led to the rise of HTML5, a browser-based coding language through which developers could continue to create browser games.

Truth be told, browser games’ popularity has been on the decline since mobile games came along. There’s also the stiff competition from PC and console video games.

All the same, the following browsers provide hope that browser games will stay around for years to come.


Kongregate is a one-stop shop for all types of browser games. Armed with hundreds of games, it’s in your best interests to filter out games on the website by genre or popularity.

Kongregate offers action, MMO, multiplayer, shooter, strategy and several more categories. The games include Dungeoneers, Poker Quest RPG, Animation Throwdown, and Bit Heroes.

Although you don’t need to create an account to play games on Kongregate, there are benefits of having an account. For example, you can personalize your titles. In turn, you can view games you played recently, your achievements and interactions with others in the forum section.

#2: Borgata Online Casino

Kongregate might have a handful of poker and blackjack games. But they are free to play games. If you want to play slots, blackjack and poker for real money, you need a real money casino like Borgata.

If you live in New Jersey, you’ve probably heard about Borgata. It is one of the biggest casinos in Atlantic City. What’s more, Borgata has a license to provide gambling browser games in the Garden State.

According to this Time2play’s Borgata casino review, the famous online casino has a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $1000. Additionally, it features 700+ games in its library, including live casino games like blackjack, American roulette and baccarat.

To be clear, Borgata online casino is mobile-friendly. You can use your iPhone or android smartphone to play slots and table games at the casino.


Compared to Kongregate, has a relatively lower number of browser games. Still, to be clear, the site has more games than you can play in a day. We’re talking about more than 100 game categories: adventure games, flying games, driving games and defense games.

If there’s a genre of games you love, chances are it’s available at Think of puzzle games, sports games, killing games and running games. Fog also features a special category for “Girl games.” Here, it’s all about browser games with female leads. Or games primarily popular with female players.

With that in mind, Fog makes money through advertising. It has adverts displayed on the right side of its website. And usually, you need to watch one video ad before a game loads.


Unlike its competitors, focuses on the less popular genres of browser games. For example, it has a list of word games like Bookworm HD, Crossword Cove, Tumble Bees HD and A Way with Words.

Then there’s a category for Solitaire Games like Jet Set Solitaire, Aces Up and Rainy-Day Spider. The remaining genres are relatively popular: Match 3, Multiplayer and card Games.

Pogo also pays homage to the famous Japanese game—Mahjong—with a list of appropriate variants like Mahjong Safari and Mahjong Garden. Finally, it has a unique category known as Hidden games.

In light of that information, pogo is the site to visit if you want to explore niche games like board games, puzzles and word games.

#5: Cartoon Network HQ

The Cartoon Network needs no introduction. It’s responsible for loads of joyful memories by kids all over the world. Although many people remember CN because of its thrilling cartoon TV shows and movies, it has a website for free browser games.

The website is neat and mobile friendly. If you’re in a hurry, you can try some of its featured games:

  • Scout Defense
  • Strike! Ultimate Bowling
  • Burger & Burrito
  • Fungie Sling

If you have time, there are a ton of things to do on the CN website. First, you can watch entertaining videos. Secondly, you can participate in random quizzes. If you love to draw, there’s a section for drawing virtual cartoons.

In other words, Cartoon Network has a plethora of entertaining activities, including browser games. However, many of these games target kids.


Miniclip used to be one of the most popular sites to play browser games. Lately, however, the company has shifted its focus to mobile app games. In fact, it plans to end its support for web-based browser games in favor of mobile games.

In the meantime, is still functioning and has tons of browser games. The most popular multiplayer games on the site include 8 Ball, Our World and Tanki Online.

 #7: Addicting Games

Normally, online games that addict players have to be excellent. That’s the case with many browser games on In fact, the website has a list of games it refers to as “The most addicting games”.

On the other hand, it features popular categories like Zombies, Action, Puzzle, Clicker and Car Games. Importantly, many of these games are available on the company’s official app. In fact, you can download the games to play them offline.


Shockwave is a simple-looking website that operates like many of its competitors: through advertising. However, its adverts are minimal and not as obtrusive as those on competing sites.

When it comes to game variety, Shockwave has 16 categories of games that range from Strategy to Family & Kids. Click one of the categories and you’ll discover a ton of free browser games.

In the usual style, you don’t have to sign up for an account on the site. But if you do, there’s the benefit of being able to save your progress on different games. You can also download complete games—the free version limits you to free trials.

Although Shockwave trails Kongregate and Fog in game variety, it has an amazing review system. This system allows you to check a game’s ratings before you spend your time playing it.