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8 video games impossible for new entrants

8 video games impossible for new entrants

As the medium of video games evolves from beeps and boopins, and sometimes to cinematic scenes indistinguishable from reality, through a pixelated interpretation of reality that pursues the right to boast of points and high scores. There is also the concept of immersing the player through various and more complex means.

In the past, engrossing the audience was as easy as having killer gameplay and a wallet, but now we empower them to really care for them. , Create a fascinating story and bring your character to life.

Oh, and I also have a hand in our wallet. It will never change.

Still, to ensure that the video game reaches as many viewers as possible, many make the experience as easy to incorporate as possible, with long tutorials, a gentle learning curve, and perhaps quite a hand. To provide. To get the player used to it.

But what about these games? Well, they’re not their friends and they’re more likely to hit you with your nose than to reach out for help. If you are a newcomer who wants to try any of these games, beware of my friends. You die over and over again and you won’t know what’s going on.

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