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The robbery gallery: raid and detainees in cell phone business closed |  Chronicle

The robbery gallery: raid and detainees in cell phone business closed | Chronicle

The City Police carried out a new inspection of a gallery in the Balvanera neighborhood, in which three people were Accused of having violated the closure of their premises for buying and selling cell phones.

Officers from the Summary Division and Prevention Brigades of the Communal Police Station 3 of the City Police and inspectors from the Government Control Agency (AGC) were part of the operation carried out on Avenida Corrientes at 2300, under the supervision of the General Directorate. of Operational Coordination of the Ministry of Justice and Security, in charge of Valeria Sikorski.

In the same place a search was made days ago.

In that same place, days ago inspections were carried out in which ten stores were closed due to the sale of denounced cell phones in the National Communications Entity (ENACOM) as stolen, More than 400 illegal items were seized and four people were arrested.

The three detainees are of Peruvian nationality.

The officers verified on this occasion that three of the stores that had been closed were working again, For this reason, three people were charged: a 48-year-old woman and two 38 and 47-year-old men, all of them of Peruvian nationality.

Days ago 400 cell phones were hijacked.

The Criminal Misconduct and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office Number 13, Sole Secretariat, endorsed the action, requested that the AGC close the businesses in violation again and that the accused be issued the corresponding act for violation of closure.